Sunday, December 08, 2013


So I know Halloween was FOREVER ago, but it was something I didn't want to forget about for my own memories so I'm including it as I catch up on the past few months. Halloween wasn't just one day in our house this year - it seemed to span WEEKS! We had so many fun things to do this year - by the time Halloween night rolled around, we ended up staying in to avoid the cold and rain and watched a fun show on TV. Among the many things we did, we went to a friend's awesome Candy Dive and party, trick or treated in a nearby town's shopping complex, enjoyed a Halloween party with our twin friends, a fun community Halloween night with hay rides, a cake walk and more...and then each of them had their parties at their school. We had more candy than we knew what to do with! (Thank goodness our Dentist does a candy buy back...we STILL have candy and that's after selling back about 9 lbs!)

Our three kiddos all teamed up for a theme this year - by their own doing (and maybe a little suggestion...ha!). I'd found Star Wars costumes on sale on Zulily this past summer and suggested it and all three loved the idea. They got to try them on when they first came in the mail but then we tucked them away so they didn't get worn out by the time Halloween came around. They were just as excited to wear them when October came around! Jacob was Jango Fett, a bounty hunter. Sarah was Queen Amidalla and Adam was Boba Fett, another bounty hunter and Jango's son. They really enjoyed the costumes and it was the first time any of them had worn masks for Halloween so that was kinda fun for them, too.

They all had lots of fun over the course of the month and we were all pretty exhausted by the time November rolled around. On top of all the costumes and candy, we grew some great pumpkins this year in our garden. They were HUGE! We ended up with 7 or 8 pumpkins and the biggest was about 38 lbs! The kids had fun helping pick a design and carve them. Adam wasn't interested in touching the guts much but Jacob and Sarah cleaned out their pumpkins almost completely on their own! (Jacob had the BIG one, too!) Halloween night was very rainy and cold so we didn't venture out after we got home from their school parties, but nobody even complained, thankfully! It was a fun Halloween month!

Boba Fett, aka Adam

Queen Amidalla, aka Sarah

Jango Fett, aka Jacob

My Star Wars trio

My BFF's sweet Bee

Halloween parade at school

Sarah was more excited about a new book than the candy! (love it!)

Adam getting ready to trick or treat at his school

Jacob and one of his buddies!

 (Left to right) 
Jacob, Paul, Adam, Me, Sarah

 Candy dive madness!

Our winning pumpkin for the decorating contest
Adam picked the design and helped make it!


MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

Those costumes are awesome! And how much fun over all those events!!!

(Don't feel too bad...I just posted a quote from pre-Halloween on my blog yesterday. I, too, am playing catch-up!) ;)