Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Remember Me?

Wow...I think this is the longest I've gone without posting on the blog in a long time. Its late now and I should be heading to bed but I wanted to write quick to catch up on life itself.

The school year is off to a great start for all of us! My classroom is running smoothly - I have a great group of guys. Jacob and Sarah are each doing great in their own 1st grade classrooms and Adam is loving DK and his new teacher.

I have two high school interns this semester and they are starting to get more comfortable in our classroom. I hope they are enjoying the experience and learning lots.

Sarah is enjoying gymnastics and Jacob has started to play basketball and joined Cub Scouts. Paul has offered to step up and be his den leader so it's a new adventure for them both! All three kids are enrolled in Faith Formation classes at church again this year. Jacob and Sarah are enjoying it but Adam is still needing some convincing to stay in class.

My classes are truly what's keeping me busiest lately. Both are going pretty well but one is a TON of work.

We finally booked our trip to Disney!! Squeal!! We're sneaking away later this fall and surprising the kids - they have NO idea we're going! Now we just have to decide how to tell them that day...(oh and plan our days...)

I finally had time to sew the kids' curtains this weekend for their new bedrooms. They turned out great and I was pretty proud of myself for remembering how to use my sewing machine (I'm sad to admit it'd been a few years since I'd done much with it! ha!) I keep seeing great quilt ideas on pinterest...it makes me wish I had more time to sew. The kids all wanted to help this weekend so we I let them help out. Sarah wants Grandma to teach her how to sew (my mom is a wonderful seamstress!).

I'm sure there are a million other things I could write about to catch up but I need to get some sleep.


strongblonde said...

Welcome back! :) I'm one to talk!! I can't remember the last time I updated. I totally get this. Somehow fall is so exciting, but so overwhelmingly busy!!!! Sounds like your fall is off to a great start. I can't wait to hear all about Disney and all of the expertise you have to share! :)