Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Say What!?!

Randomly in the car the other day:
Adam: When are we going to plant some beans and grow a giant beanstalk so we can climb up to the sky and see a giant castle?
Me: I don't know. We need magic beans for that.
Adam: We have magic beans!
Me: We do?
Adam: Yeah! Remember? I didn't eat my magic beans (aka soy beans) at dinner the other night. And you saved them? They're in the refrigerator still. We can use those!

Later, at bedtime, I made up a story about Adam and the Beanstalk... Adam started to climb up the beanstalk...
Adam: And Daddy, too! I don't want to go by myself.
Me: Ok, so Adam and Daddy climbed high up into the clouds and started to walk across the clouds to the castle...
Adam: We jumped on the stepping stones that were in the clouds, so we didn't fall through!
Me:.......(fast forward) And they jumped down and Daddy chopped down the beanstalk and they were safe!
Adam: Yeah, because Daddy's really strong! He used his muscles to chop it down! And the giant fell to the ground and fell into a mole hole. And the moles were happy because they eated him all up! They were really happy because they were hungry!!


While running the mile race:
Me: Do you need to take a walking break?
Sarah: No, I'm ok Mom, but if you need to walk, I can just run slower.


The kids have all been reading the Magic Tree House books this summer. Jacob told us he was reading the Silverware book. I racked my brain, trying to figure out what he was meaning and asked him to say it again. It finally clicked...he wasn't ready about SILVERWARE...he was reading about the Civil War!


I fell down the kitchen stairs this past weekend and landed right on my tailbone (seriously hurt SOOOOO bad!) To try to help alleviate some of the pain, I put an ice pack down the back of my shorts. Adam walked up behind me and noticed something looked strange and patted my butt. He jumped back, gave a funny look and asked "Is that a freezer in your butt? Hey guys! Mom has a FREEZER in her butt!"


Sarah and Adam were at the table, using Bingo dobbers to paint some pictures. Adam must've gotten some on his hand or place mat and this is what I overheard:

Sarah: Dude! Its ok! We don't need the Drama! Seriously! Do you KNOW what DRAMA is? DO you?
Adam: No.
Sarah: It means you don't have to panic about every little thing. Really! Is ok! was a good explanation but where does she come up with this stuff? ha! I don't talk about drama or panic! ha!