Saturday, August 10, 2013

Summer beach vacay!

We didn't plan much in the area of vacations this summer since (1) we're still planning on Disney this fall and (2) Paul needs to save his vacation days for that trip..but we couldn't let summer slip on by without something fun! Thanks to our friends, we were able to head up to Tawas for 5 days a few weeks ago. We were blessed with perfect weather for whatever our plans were. The first few days were just fun, lazy days at the beach - which was great since we had 95 degree temps and 75% humidity! The beach was the best place to be! The kids swam a ton, played in the sand and I read 2 books in that stretch! (We all came back with great tans!)

Friday, the weather got questionable but we had to head home for a few hours and somehow missed a bunch of storms that went through the state that day. We had a great time playing in some awesome waves that morning before the storms hit and then it was still sunny for his game at home. The storms cooled things off which was great because then Saturday, we explored the Lumberman's Monument and went to a playground for a bit before returning to the beach. We had to head out early Sunday to be home in time for a birthday party but it was a great little get-away! The kids were well behaved, we saw a movie, had ice cream, read lots, didn't watch any tv, soaked up the sun and had a great time! I'm so glad we could sneak in at least one short trip this summer!