Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Michigan Mile

Last year, the kids ran the Teddy Bear Trot as part of the Crim Festival of Races. Jacob and Sarah have each since run a 5K with me so we thought we'd have them move up from the short race to the 1 mile run this year. They began a 1 mile race last year and changed it this year to Friday night, which actually made it easier for us to let the kids run. Paul joined us but Adam chose not to run.

We had a great night for the race. It was sunny and in the 70s. We made it downtown in time to see the Special Olympics races and cheer on some of my students. After that was the Professional Mile and a High School challenge and then the Open Mile run. Adam hung out with some friends while we ran and he was at the finish line waiting for us.

We all started off together but it didn't take long for Sarah and I to pull ahead of the boys a bit. She's so speedy and competetive! At about the 1/4 mile mark, I asked if she needed to take a break and walk at all and she replied "No, I'm ok, but if you need to walk, I'll just run slower." Ha!

Sarah and I crossed the finish line one after another. Her time was 11:52 and mine was 11:54. Jacob and Paul weren't too far behind at 12: 49. The kids loved their medals and the crowd cheering them on. We claimed our race pizza and beverages and the kids enjoyed a bit of the 'after party', dancing and listening to the live music. They were all tired and fell asleep on the drive home.

I'm proud of them both for doing so well, trying hard and having fun while doing it!

(Poor Adam wasn't feeling well - he had a fever of about 102 here!)

1 mile done!!

Post race rewards!