Saturday, June 29, 2013

Summer Fun List 2013

We're 2 weeks into summer and we have been BUSY already! The first week was a rough one - this Mama feared a Loooong summer with the kids...but this week has been much better!

The kids and I promptly made a Summer Fun list the first week - its full of play dates as their #1 thing to do...I think each kid requested no less than 4-5 friends to get together with this summer (that's a LOT of play dates!) We've already gotten a few in but there's LOTS more to plan!

How cool is it that the KIDS wrote this out - not me!!!

The kids' other requests:
* Vacation Bible School (check!)
* Flint Children's Museum
* Saginaw Children's Museum (check!)
* Impression 5 museum
* Go to the beach
* Swim at Grandma's (check!)
* Go to Tawas (planned!)
* Go to our park
* Go to BR Park
* Splash Village (yeah for completing swimming lessons and getting free passes!)

I was surprised they didn't ask for more but I left it there. I've got plenty of other ideas for things to do this summer:
* Bowling
* Roller skating
* Movies (so many fun kids movies out this summer!) (one down!)
* Carriage Ride in Frankenmuth
* Fireworks
* Camping
* Crim run (Teddy Bear Trot or the 1 mile run)
* Color Run (planned)
* Grand Rapids - zoo, gardens (planned!)
* Switch bedrooms - put the boys together and give Sarah her own room
* Paint/decorate the boys' room - baseball or lego?
* Possibly take a tour of Comerica Park in Detroit - home of the Tigers!

There's plenty of things on my OWN list, too!
* Get back to running at least 3 days/week (got 2 runs in this week!)
* Read at least 5 books (2 down already!)
* Finish up 2 more summer classes and get some mentor/intern hours in
* Lunch dates with a few friends
* A few dates with my hubby!
* Plan our Disney trip for November! (omg..I need to get ON this!)
* Get a facial & massage
* Clean out our den/office of clutter!
* Run the 10 mile Crim again (I NEED to get running more! see above...)
* Make Photo Books of the kids' 1st years (this has been on my list for 3 summers! eek! I have TWO done now though and the 3rd started!)
* Photo Books for the past few years (i.e. "Year in Review)

What's on YOUR summer fun list? What books are you reading?


Mandy said...

We have tons of trips on our summer bucket list. The ladies are all fired up to mark things off! If I get half of MY things done I'll be amazed!!