Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Life on the go...

My real camera HAS gotten some use lately with all we've had going on, but my cell phone camera is always busy!

We had some random, crazy storms pass through here last week. We got home about 20 minutes after it'd passed through - we were fortunate to not have any trees or even limbs fall and never lost power - which was rare in our area! We did find lots of left over hail though...this was 20 minutes after the storm passed and it was sunny and 80+ degrees at this this quarter sized hail had likely been much bigger!

Double Rainbow

Silly faces + ice cream = last day of school!
(aka mommy's "I'm Sorry" for forgetting what time school got out...ooops!)

Last day of Kindergarten = 1st graders!

Testing out his new batting helmet and making silly faces

Pinata at a play date

First night of T-ball

Sarah's first pedicure!

Tap Costume for You've Got a Friend in Me

Jacob's note he left me on my classroom board

The "Library Choir" at a summer reading program concert

 Sarah is now playing T-ball instead of Adam...both she and her friend Ellie are happy about that!

 Date day = Myth Busters + Sushi = Great day!

 Adam and Miss Jessica - his Pre-School teacher this past year

"The Other Miss Jessica" with Adam


MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

Love all the pictures, Barb! I had to laugh at the ice cream "I'm sorry"...hee hee! ;)

And that sushi looks yummmm-eeee!

[Hmmm...reading this comment you might think I'm a little obsessed with food, huh?!]

Hope you're having a great start to the summer!!!

strongblonde said...

yea for summer! :) i can't wait to see how your summer progresses!

and those storms were CRAZY!!! I was supposed to be on a bike ride during them and decided against it and am SO glad that I did!! that hail was probably MUCH bigger given this crazy heat!

any fun plans for the 4th?