Thursday, March 07, 2013

This and That

One day I might write a real post with real pictures from a real camera...but that would involve taking pictures with the camera AND downloading them. Thank goodness my cell phone camera can capture life.

* Jacob had his first eye appointment today after complaining regularly about headaches and not doing so great on the basic vision screening at his 6 year well check. The Dr said his eyes look healthy and fine and he is seeming to be slightly nearsighted (as am I) but not enough to worry about glasses yet. He'll go again this summer to check again and they'll keep an eye on him. (Excuse the pun)

* Sarah had a painting she did in class chosen for a district wide elementary art show! It was really cute and I was pretty touched that she painted her and I in a garden together. We got to see the painting on display last week at the local gallery.

* I am so unmotivated to complete the work in one of my classes. The teacher is SO dang unorganized, her assignments are not clear, she contradicts herself constantly and none of the work and discussions really support the readings and what we're supposed to be learning. My fellow classmates agree. Thank goodness its almost over. I need to find out what I'm taking next semester.

* There's not much that bugs me more than whining...and let me tell daughter is a PRO at whining. Its been a rough week in our house again - whining about clothes, whining about bedtime, whining about everything. We were going to take all 3 kids to the school rollerskating night but when she started in about having to wear socks, I said enough was enough and told her she was staying home. The whining, of course, got worse before it got better, but hopefully following through on something big will help her see that I've had it.

* We are planning to go to Disney World this fall but I've been so busy lately with homework, I haven't had time to dig into planning it. I attempted to start planning over Christmas break but since we're not going until November, I couldn't book anything that far in advance and put it on hold. Now I need to get back on track and start figuring some things out!

* My Mothers of Multiples' Mom 2 Mom sale is next weekend. I'm the group's treasurer so here's hoping the money balances better than our last sale. Hoping to get rid of more clothes, toys, etc. I've only got girl stuff to sell at this point as all the boy stuff is still getting passed between boy cousins but I'm trying to purge some of our toys, too. Wish me luck!

Have a great weekend!


strongblonde said...

oy. the whining. i have just decided to not respond anymore if people can't speak to me in a normal voice. M loses her mind if I walk away. She will often follow me from room to room STILL WHINING! good grief. :)

how did he like getting his eyes checked? that used to stress me out as a kid. i was afrain to get it "wrong"!! isn't that crazy? it's your EYES. ha.

sorry to hear about your class. at least it's almost over, right? my mantra used to be: i can do ANYTHING for 14 weeks! :)

cat said...

You have a lot going on my friend! GOod luck

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

It seems like I haven't talked to you in ages, Barb! I know you're super busy with your classes, in addition to everything else, of course.

I can't get over how BIG Jacob looks in that first picture!!! And how cool that Sarah's painting was chosen for display. That's so sweet she painted the two of you. :)

I hope your M2M sale went well. And I was glad to see you got away for a little bit for some painting therapy.

One foot in front of the won't be long (surely??!!!) until spring!

Take care, Barb!!!