Monday, April 08, 2013

Daddy/Daughter Dance

Like I'm sure many schools do, our district hosts an annual Daddy/Daughter dance each spring. Sarah has heard about it from some of her friends and has been excited about the upcoming event for months. We went and picked out a special dress a few weeks ago and she couldn't wait! Her and her friends were talking all week long about if they were going, what color their dresses were and who they were going to dance with. It worked out that Paul was able to take her out to dinner before the dance (she picked Subway) so when we got home from school, I helped her get ready, do her hair and take a few pictures before they left. I just recently tried out a curling iron and my flat iron on her hair and she got to pick how she wanted her hair. I also dabbed on a bit of eye shadow, blush and lip gloss and she was one happy girl! Daddy got all dressed up too - a suit and tie - and they were picture perfect!

Paul said they had a fun night. She stuck close to Daddy the first hour, dancing with him, but he could tell she was torn each time a friend came up to say hi. He finally told her to go off with her friends if she wanted to and she danced and played with them most of the rest of the time. Thankfully both of them had friends to hang out with after that.

 Dancing Queen

 Sarah and her friend Brenna

Sarah and Brooklyn

Meanwhile, the boys and I had our own Date Night! I had planned on doing something fun with them anyways, but we connected with a couple of Jacob's best buddies for the night. We all met up for dinner and playtime at McD's and then went bowling. The boys had a great time, us Moms had a lot of fun together and we all came home happy! I think we'll make this an annual tradition!

Jacob, Ethan, Jacob, Devon and Adam


cat said...

What a sweet idea! And glad you and the boys had a date too. So what about the many girls who do not have dads?