Friday, February 08, 2013

Catching Up

* Snowstorm "Nemo" has dumped about 6" of snow on us and we have a snow day today. Part of me is bummed because I had planned a field trip to the Planetarium for our students today but I really can't complain about a day off. I just wish the phone call had come before I got in the shower. At least I got to go back to bed for 2 more hours before the kids woke up!

* I'm taking 2 classes right now. One I'm really enjoying - the readings are interesting, the class discussions are good and the assignments are reasonable. The other one is causing me a ton of anxiety! TONS of reading. Assignments that are ridiculous in comparison (i.e. read 10 chapters and then answer 1 question about it all...!?!?!), a very difficult quiz that I bombed and now a proposal that has me completely lost. Ugh!!

* Jacob and Sarah had their 6 year check ups last week. Its no wonder nobody recognizes they are twins anymore. Jacob stands almost 50" tall and is 60 lbs. Sarah is just under 48" and only 48 lbs. Sarah remains closer in weight to Adam (only 6 lbs difference) than her own twin (12 lbs difference!)

* Jacob is doing Chess club. Yes - chess club! Its a big activity in our district. He's one of only 3 kindergarteners doing it and is doing pretty good and learning lots. He's even taught me how to play and has been trying to teach Adam.

* Jacob and Sarah did their 100 day projects this past week. They each picked their own idea and they turned out cute!

* We bought a treadmill 2 weeks ago. I'm loving having it here so I don't have to run in the cold. I was relieved that I didn't feel like I had to start back at ground zero for running despite not running for about 4 months. Unfortunately, I managed to pull my hamstring while running one day this week. Taking it easy for a few days and hoping to be back to speed soon.

* Our dog, Nola, was not herself this week  and we were worried she was sick. Thankfully it just appears that she hurt her neck and thanks to a steroid shot and some 'laser therapy' she's back to herself again. Laser therapy for dogs?? Crazy!

* Sarah got in trouble yesterday at school for pushing a friend AND lying to her teacher (and us) about it. Part of her punishment at home is not getting to play the Wii this weekend. I think the whining about that and arguing is going to make for a long weekend (especially with the extra day at home).

* I have 2 books sitting on my dresser that I really want to read but after all the reading for my classes, I've not had any time to pick them up and dig in. So bummed.

* Jacob lost tooth #6 yesterday! I think this is the 4th since Christmas! The tooth fairy is going to grow broke and needs to restock the "golden dollar' stash!

* Tomorrow marks 3 years since we lost my brother. It still seems unreal sometimes. I've had several funerals the past month and even though I didn't know the people who died very well, I knew the ones that did and it brought back a lot of emotions. I wish my kids knew their uncle. I wish he could still call and wish our Mom a happy birthday. I wish I could help ease the hurt for everyone that misses him. Love and miss you, big brother!

* Tomorrow also is my Mom's birthday and my parents will celebrate their 45th anniversary in 2 weeks! I am so lucky to have 2 amazing parents who have taught me well, support me still and showed us a wonderful example of  overcoming obstacles and still showing love for each other. Happy Birthday Mom and Happy Anniversary to you both! I love you!

I have a ton of posts in my head but haven't had time to get them written or to respond to other blogs. Hope you are all doing well!


Susan said...

We live north of Detroit and received about the same amount of snow. We are diehard winter people and it makes me laugh how 6 inches constitutes even naming the storm....look at that is snow. We seem to miss the big stuff anymore.

Rebecca @ Unexplained X2 said...

I hate struggling in a class, but those assignments and quizzes sound ridiculous.

Laser treatment? Seriously???

Love love love those 100 day projects!

strongblonde said...

yea for the treadmill. are you doing the 10 mile again? :) i think i might register for the color run. there's a chance that i might try to use it for a training run: run the 1.5 miles from my house, the 3 mile run, then 1.5 back. but that might be totally unrealistic :) hahah.

i hate feeling like i don't get stuff in class. make sure you talk to the prof about it. there's nothing worse as a professor than watching your class crash and burn and NO ONE has talked to you about it. you have no idea what the problem is: content, instructions, application, whatever! talk to them!

miss you on the interwebs! :)

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

That's incredible that Jacob is in the chess club. I had no idea that kids that young could really understand the game. I know he's one smart little guy!

And those 100 day projects are great!!!

cat said...

Chess club! Wow! I our school they have chess as a school subject from grade 1 to 3

Ai, 3 years, I remember it so clearly. So sorry my friend