Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Way Back When-esday

Hi there, Remember me? That's ok if you don't - I sometimes forget I have a blog still, too, but I hope to try to hold on here and continue to preserve memories and share my thoughts.

Life has been busy here with...well....life. Dance classes, chess club, play dates, birthdays, work and 2 post-grad level classes (that's truly the biggest blame for my absence here - any time at the computer lately is spent doing homework or responding to class discussions).

I'm already a week late but I can't forget to celebrate my baby turning 4!! Pictures, an 'interview' and official birthday pics are yet to come but I had to dig back and reminisce when my baby was still a baby!

 Love at first sight

 One of my favorite pictures of him

 Meeting his siblings

 Home Sweet Home!

Snuggles. Love.


cat said...

Happy happy Bday!

strongblonde said...

yea! happy birthday!!! :)