Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Say What!?!?!

While Paul was opening up his birthday present the other day, Sarah (who helped me wrap it) turned to me and said aloud "Mom? Is that the box that we put the sweatshirt in?" (spoiler!)


It snowed overnight this week and Paul had quickly shoveled a path from the back door to the garage so Adam and I didn't have to trudge through too much snow when we had to leave. Adam liked the path. When I backed out of the garage and headed down the driveway though, he was mad because I wouldn't drive in the path Daddy shoveled:

Adam: You gotta drive in the path!
Me: I can't! I have to go down the driveway. Plus, if I went down that path, we'd crash into the house!
Adam: Yeah! And then there'd be a hole in it and the house would get frozen! (its been really cold here lately.)
Me: Yeah - we don't want that, do we?
Adam: Yeah! We'd have an icicle house!
Me: An icicle house?
Adam: Yeah! And we could get some ice skates and skate around it inside!
Me: But wouldn't everything freeze? What about your bed? and your food?
Adam: Our food would be popsicles!
Me: What kind of popsicles?
Adam: Everything! milk popsicles, hot dog popsicles, broccoli popsicles, salad popsicles, chicken nugget popsicles!

Silly boy!!!


During the week, Paul and I are always up and showered before we wake the kids up...but on the weekends, as long as we don't have to be anywhere first thing in the morning, the kids get up before us. This past Sunday, Paul and I got up before the kids to shower before Sunday School and church. Adam was confused by this and looked at me and said "Why you not go to bed last night?" He must've thought we stayed up all night instead of just getting up earlier!


While getting ready one morning, Sarah starts singing (to the tune of All I want for Christmas is my 2 front teeth) "All I want for Christmas is some bacon. Some bacon. Some bacon.....Bacon in my stocking. Bacon in my presents. Bacon in everything! All I want for Christmas is Bacon!"



MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

Our girls seem to think we go to bed the same time they do...and they've asked some pretty funny questions about how things got accomplished after hours. Little do they know that's when second shift starts! :)

And Sarah is my kinda girl...gotta love some bacon!!! HA!