Monday, December 10, 2012

Proud Mama, Round 2!!

Jacob came home from school the other day, wearing a BIG smile. He was so excited to tell us he gets to have lunch with his principal this week. When I asked why, he said he was one of only a few kids in the whole school (10 total...1 from each classroom) that are getting a reward for their good behavior.

Every marking period, each teacher gets to choose one student who demonstrates good citizenship and positive character traits. Its called Caring Kids Program. This is actually the first time Kindergarteners have gotten to do this because its the first year they have full day and can do lunch. The local McDs donates lunches for the students and they get to eat lunch with the principal. How cool is that!?

Jacob was so excited and we were SO proud! Way to go dude!!

Hearing how well he is doing in school both behaviorally and academically definitely Makes My Monday!!!


Cheryl Lage said...

You have great cause to be proud, Mama Barb! ;)
I'm proud and I'm not even his mama! :)

COMPLETELY a perfect Monday maker....thank you for linking up!