Monday, November 19, 2012

Separation Anxiety

Last weekend, Paul and I were lucky enough to have a night away for a family celebration. We had a great time and the kids were at home in good company with my friend and their former preschool teacher. The total time we were gone was only about 24 hours from Saturday  till Sunday afternoon. The kids were good and had fun with Leah.

Sarah's always been a Mama's girl - possessive, clingy at times and very needy for my attention and affection. She often pushes Daddy away and only wants me (more on that later...) but since being away last weekend, her anxiety and clinginess is over the top! The first few days, I couldn't leave the room without her following me. She needed extra snuggles each night at bedtime and in the morning. She reminded me each day how much she missed me and made sure to tell me "I love you" even more than usual (which is a lot). Don't get me wrong...I love hearing that and I love her snuggles...but for her to freak out just because I walked outside to get the newspaper isn't fun.

She's needed constant reassurance that I'm not going anywhere - that I'll be home at night and will wake her up in the morning before I go to work. The first day or so of this didn't surprise me...but more than a week later, she's still full of anxiety. I've reminded her that we're lucky to have a very short week of school (only 2 days) and that we'll be home together for 5 straight days. She's very glad for that but still very needy for my love, attention and affection.

I definitely plan to try to get lots of extra snuggles in this week and maybe try to find some 1-on-1 time with her this weekend if possible...but mostly I'm hoping she'll start to relax again and not be so anxious. Paul and I don't go out that often. Honestly, my Mommy-guilt has been full tilt lately due to a busy schedule so I've opted out of several 'nights out' with friends just to stay home and be with the kids and Paul instead.

Anyone have any ideas for lessening the anxiety or building that reassurance for a little one with separation anxiety? Anyone dealt with a similar situation?


MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

I hope between the long holiday break, and maybe some one-on-one time she'll be back on track soon, Barb. I can only imagine that's hard to balance.

On a different note, I LOVE the new pictures to the right of your post! They're awesome!!! In addition to the subjects, of course, the colors are great. :)

cat said...

Oh heavens Barb, I have no idea. Maybe a one on one day with her?