Friday, September 14, 2012

Week-end Wrap Up

I've been a pretty lame blogger lately but most nights, I'm on the computer doing things for work and by the time I'm done there (after 10 or 11pm), there's no energy or thought process left to blog. Plus since life is pretty much consumed with work right now, I don't have anything exciting to blog about anyways...

There are a few things at least:

* Sarah decided she wanted to try dance again this year and the first night was a success! She was more excited about it than last year and went in bravely and came out with a smile.

* I'm rather disappointed in myself and my efforts for running lately. I've only run 1x since the Crim and it was only a short 2 mile run. I've been staying after work every day so I haven't made it to the gym or run outside right after work and then I'm busy with the kids until bedtime. By then its too late/dark to run outside and I have too much to do still to make it to the gym at that point. It might not bug me that much if I hadn't told myself I wanted to run a 1/2 marathon...which is this weekend. Its a good thing I never signed up for it because I totally wouldn't be ready for it. I'm really hoping that next week I can get back into a gym/running routine.

* I got to help in Jacob's class one afternoon this week for an hour - a huge perk of me being closer to home and me getting out of work earlier. I loved getting to see him in his room and meet his new friends! Hopefully I can get into Sarah's room soon, too!

* With the changes at work and all, I've felt stressed and overwhelmed at times lately...but when I sit back and take stock of what I have and how things are going, I realize I'm truly blessed. When I think of all the things some friends and family members are going through right now, I know my complaints are nothing in comparison. So for those of you that may read this and are carrying a burden right now, I hope things fall into place soon and things work out ok.

* Random question: Why does printer ink cost SOOOO much!??!!??

* Since I haven't been working out much at all lately, I've been trying to make sure I eat good. But I'm about to hit the wall where I just want to indulge in every craving - pasta, macaroni and cheese, brownies, chocolate, cookies, fettuccine Alfredo, iced coffees, nachos, etc, etc, etc! Lord help my willpower!

Have a great weekend!