Friday, May 25, 2012

Week-end Wrap up

* I've been sick this past week or so and finally took a day off and got into the Dr. on Tuesday. Good thing I did...sinus infection AND an ear infection. No wonder I felt like crud.

* Paul and I have a date night this weekend. Sushi and The Avengers!

* Other than that, we have no set plans for our weekend and I'm glad! Next weekend will be jam packed so I'm glad to have a quieter weekend to do whatever we want/need to this weekend (and have an extra day!)

* There are only 9 days left of school!! woo hoo!!

* Between being busy and being sick, I hadn't been to the gym or ran in 2 weeks. Ugh! I did got yesterday and got in a light workout on the elliptical so that's something but I need to get back in the groove!!!

* I've been working since January to plan an art festival for 10 of our classrooms and the day finally arrived yesterday! Things went great and all went smoothly. I'm so relieved its over! Its always a fun day for our students!

* One of my school's buses slammed into the back end of a parked car while driving down the street yesterday, right in front of our school. Thankfully none of our students were hurt but it sure threw off their morning! Sheesh!

* I'm taking 6 of our students to my Alma Mater next Friday for the Special Olympics State Summer Games. I love going back to CMU but its been 5 years since I was there last. I can only imagine how much campus has changed. It should be a fun day!

* I've been reading Stephen King's 11/22/63. This book is HUGE! 850 pages!! Its been taking me forever to get through it but its good and I'm finally 1/2 way through! Maybe my excitement to read Calico Joe is getting me to hurry through it many books to get through this summer!!

* One month from now, we'll be up in beautiful Traverse City. I can't wait!

Hope you all have a great Memorial Day weekend!!


cat said...

A lot going on. Enjoy thae date night