Saturday, April 07, 2012

April = Autism

Last year, I dedicated my blog to Autism Awareness for the entire month of April. I thought of trying to do that again this year but have been too busy to pull it together. I will surely post a few times this month about my own thoughts and experiences about working with individuals with Autism, I wanted to look back at my posts from last year and share them again. If you weren't a reader last year, please take the time to look back at these posts and pass them along to someone who may benefit from reading them. Let me know if you have any questions or would like me to post about something specific about Autism this month!

April 1: Autism - What I've learned from my Students

April 3: You Spin Me 'Round: A little Autism Humor

April 4: Sit Back and Enjoy the Ride: Living life on the Spectrum

April 5: Autism: A Sibling's Perspective, Part 1: Experience and Thoughts from an older sibling

April 6: Autism: A Sivling's Perspective, Part 2: Continued...

April 7: Are you Really Aware of Autism? The most recent statistics report Autism is 1 in 88 children...

April 8: Autism Web Resources

April 9: Autism by the Numbers: The most recent report has startling new rates - 1 in 88!

I'll repost more from last year next week!