Friday, March 16, 2012

Week-End Wrap Up

* What a great week its been! First off, its been BEAUTIFUL here in Michigan! (Way) Above average temperatures and a good amount of sun! I'm loving it! I packed away some of the 'winter' clothes the kids are outgrowing and pulled out clothes for spring and summer! I even wore sandals to work!

* My work week was pretty darn great too! Its flown by!
Monday - personal day
Tuesday - "Easy" day at work with lots of our usual 'specials'/therapies
Wednesday - No students, Staff development day
Thursday - Short field trip for Very Special Arts
Friday - Special Olympics basketball

* Spring Break is just 2 weeks away! I'm hoping we have nice weather that week, too!!

* Tomorrow is the 4 mile Pot O Gold race! I'm really excited! I didn't have much time to run this week but did get a good 3+ mile run in Wednesday night and felt really good. I'm excited!!

* I rushed to get to a meeting Wednesday after work...was worried I was late, only to get there and find out that I was actually early - by a WEEK! oops...

* For part of our staff development day on Wednesday, we watched the movie Courageous. Wow. I was warned to bring tissues but that was an understatement. Such a moving, emotional and powerful movie.

* Adam went poop on the potty last week at daycare AND at home! He had one great day of going potty...and then he seemed to completely forget how proud he was the next day and went back to his usual attitude of "I'm going to stay in diapers forever."

* I was really bummed tonight. I had a MoMs meeting and when I got home, Paul told me Jacob wiggled his tooth out, all by himself!! Our first lost tooth!! The Tooth Fairy plans to drop off a Golden Dollar but is worried she won't be able to make the switcheroo!! She's also worried that the kids have heard what other Tooth Fairies bring kids and hoping that the Golden Dollar is a worthy reward!

* I finished the book The Magic Room last week. It was wonderful. Really interesting and really touching. I'd recommend it to anyone but especially to anyone in the process of planning a wedding or who has a daughter getting ready for marriage. I've read Zaslow's work before (The Girls from Ames - another great read!) and was especially excited about this book as its based in Michigan, not too far from where I grew up. Sadly, Zaslow died in a car accident just after his book was released, while he was on his way home from a book signing. The last line of the book was his own wish for his daughters and his hopes for their future marriages. So sad.

* I am now reading Jodi Picoult's latest novel, Lone Wolf. We just got home from Traverse City on Monday night when I saw on Facebook that Picoult was IN Traverse City that day!!! What if I'd passed her on the streets the day before while walking around town!?! I would have loved to have seen her speak at the Writers Series she was at.

* Adam still is doing well in his toddler bed! Yeah! Now if we can just conquer potty training...

Have a great weekend everyone! Happy St. Patricks Day!


MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

Sounds like such an awesome week, Barb! I'm laughing about you and your meeting, though...HA! And I got goosebumps reading your comment about the last line of Zaslow's book. So very sad.

Hope your beautiful weather sticks around for the weekend. Good luck in the race!!!

irishtwinsmommababybook said...

Thanks for the book recommendations!!!

Good luck with the potty training! It's very.... Time consuming....... And I can think of a bunch of other things!!! ;)